• .357 Rossi w Taurus Lock Security System

    .357 Rossi w Taurus Lock Security System

    ROSSI .357 4 inch barrel, Black,    Solid steel forging. Adjustable sights. Rubber grip. Taurus Key Lock Security system. A very high quality, fine revolver. Ideal for target shooting, home defense, Security professionals

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  • 30.06 AMMO in Ammo Can [one left]

    30.06 AMMO in Ammo Can [one left]

    We have received military 30.06 ammo from overseas! This ammo is packed in .30 caliber cans loose at the arsenal and approximately 270 rounds per can (give or take a few rounds) packed by volume and weight. Nice, clean military ammo! Full metal jacket m2 ball, brass case and 150 grain.  

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  • Remote View CCTV watch from your Smart Phone

    4 Channel – Camera with 10″ Tablet DVR system

    4 Channel – Camera Package with 10″ Tablet DVR System.  Remote view ready from your smart phone, ipad, iphone, android platforms.  View from anywhere you have coverage or internet connect.  Excellent value and protection for residence or business.  This enables you to deter criminals who would target you for robbery.  They will not want to…

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  • ARMA LITE 24-10

    ARMA LITE 24-10

    Incorporating traditional lines, innovative designs and state-of-the-art factory production, the ArmaLite AR-24 pistol simply outshines similar models made by other manufacturers. The ArmaLite AR-24 pistols are CNC machined to the finest manufacturing standards using the highest quality materials. Slide, frame and barrel are fully machined from all steel forgings resulting in the best possible slide to frame fit of this design on the market today.

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    The AR-10A family of ArmaLite® firearms is functionally identical to our AR-10B family. Operation, controls, and maintenance are the same. However, the AR-10A family is designed to accept early ArmaLite AR-10 “Waffle” magazines and good quality magazines copied from them, instead of ArmaLite’s proprietary steel magazines that are used in our AR-10B family. Neither family of firearms will function correctly with the other family’s magazines.

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  • ARMA-LITE .223 Carbine  M-15A4

    ARMA-LITE .223 Carbine M-15A4

    Armalite 223 Remington w/16″ Carbine Barrel/Adjustable Stock/Black Finish The M-15A4 offers the flexibility of the picatinny rail applied to a standard grade .223 caliber rifle. Light recoiling and accurate, this is a fine, flexible rifle for law enforcement. All of Armalites flat top models accept Armalites removable front sights and carry handles, and other devices…

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  • Barrett .338 Laupua

    Barrett .338 Laupua

    BFM M98B 338 20 BIPD/MONO/2MAG Model: Model M98B ,  Weight (oz):  848,   Caliber:  338 LAPUA Model 98B .338 Lapua Magnum 24 Inch Fluted Black Barrel Adjustable Trigger No Sight Includes Bipod Monopod And Two 10-Round Magazines   ATTN:  Competition Shooters –  This is a hard to find rifle.    Available for Export.

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  • Bushmaster  AR 15

    Bushmaster AR 15

    •.223 Rem.   •Magpul® MOE™ Handguard, accepts rail sections (carbine, mid-length or rifle length)   •Magpul® MBUS rear flip sight   •Magpul® MOE™ pistol grip, accepts MIAD storage cores   •Magpul® MOE™ vertical grip   •Magpul® enhanced trigger guard   •16” barrel is chrome-lined in both bore & chamber   •Magpul® MOE™ adjustable stock w/strong…

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  • COLT  TROY RAIL, BLACK 5.56MM, 16″ M4

    COLT TROY RAIL, BLACK 5.56MM, 16″ M4


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    Specifications  Leaderboard Finish Not Available Action Not Available Caliber 223 Remington/5.56 NATO Gauge Not Available Barrel Length 16.1″ Overall Length Not Available Trigger Single Stage Safety Not Available Capacity 30 + 1 Stock 4 Position Collapsible Drop Not Available Ignition Not Available Chamber Not Available Weight 7 lbs

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