• The Modern American Patriot Prayer

    The American Patriot Prayer   ~ Anthony Melé ~ Tho’ darkness ascends, and light grows dim, and feel you’re subjected, to this Ruler’s whim, have courage, take heart, and be self assured, the celestial light, burns deep within. Take command, then watch it alight, call up that flame, prepare for the fight, the Holy Ghost fury,…

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  • MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management,  BS, International Relations and Counterterrorism, US Army Veteran

    HONOR YOUR OATH: New York District Attorney Will Not Enforce Cuomo Gun Law!

    An upstate New York District Attorney announces he will not prosecute the Cuomo Gun Law.  A District Attorney  is burdened with enforcing the spirit and the letter of the law.  This D.A. chose to enforce the spirit of the Law. He is up-holding his oath to defend the US Constitution.  All of it! My observation…

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  • “COMMONSENSE” 2013 – Repeal the New York S.A.F.E. Law

      The New York SAFE Law offends the spirit and word of the US Constitution.  The Bill of Rights will cease to exist if we permit it to be rewritten by knee jerk reactionaries and political opportunist seeking to centralize power in a government of the few. The US Constitution will be relegated to a museum…

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