Surveillance Systems

CCTV Video Surveillance

Years of study in criminology show us that there is only person that can stop a criminal from committing a crime and making you a victim; that is the criminal himself.

Penal institutions or law enforcement do not stop criminals because they incarcerate the perpetrator after the crime is committed and a victim has been violated.

There is a critical moment before the crime is committed where they process the decision to do it. It is at this moment where they are most vulnerable.

There are three things in that process:
a. Detection: will they see me before I do it?
b. Indentification: Can they identify me after I do it?
c. Apprehension: Will they catch me doing it?

D.I.A. = If the criminal fears being detected, identified and apprehended BEFORE he commits the crime – He won’t do it.

We are experts at making criminals feel that way. One tool is the proper selection and use of a CCTV Security Camera System.

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