The Modern American Patriot Prayer

The American Patriot Prayer   ~ Anthony Melé ~
surrounded soldierGKTho’ darkness ascends, and light grows dim, and feel you’re subjected, to this Ruler’s whim, have courage, take heart, and be self assured, the celestial light, burns deep within.

Take command, then watch it alight, call up that flame, prepare for the fight, the Holy Ghost fury, gives the Sun its light, exposing all cowards, makes them take flight.

God loves the brave, and the bold, when we protect, the meek and the old, by his grace defend, the flock in your fold; As for me and my house, freedom we’ll hold. So when all seems lost, and hope seems lessed, reach deep within, to find what He blessed.

Darkness will retreat, the devil will flee, cursing the name, he nailed to the tree. Rise up as He did, from the Tomb of despair, walk with your head, up high in the air. For you and for me, no choice but to fight, but be sure of this, we ‘re all in His sight, victory is ours, by the power of His might.

If my life’s cut short, my blood soaks the field, honor me this, carry me home, on my shield. With last divine breath, before I die, the enemy I’ll look, deep in the eye, to their soul I’ll speak, and my last words will be, to God, I will tell, of all I did see.